Air Force

Polish operation in 1939-1945: the campaign in September, the war in France in 1940, the Battle of Britain, the Polish Air Force in the USSR; list airmen, kills and losses, accurate biographies of Polish fighter and bomber pilots.

Tomasz Rzyski

Rzyski Thomas was born on 6 August 1917 in Uralsku in north-eastern Kazakhstan in the family of John and Josepha nee Paszkiewicz. His parents were there in exile since 1914, returned to Polish in 1918 was the father of forestry engineer, he worked as Head of Department of Forest Goods and the Town of Toruń. The mother was own sister of Louis Paszkiewicz, whose son – also Louis – he was later an aviator and an ace 303 Squadron Polish Air Force in England.

Thomas Rzyski education fetch them at the National Gymnasium. Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, and later at the National Gymnasium. Mary Magdalene in Poznan and at the National Championships in Brodnica Gymnasium, where in June 1938, he graduated. September 20, 1938, he joined the army and divisional odbywszy cadet course in 67 reserve infantry regiment in Brodnica, on 3 January 1939, he joined the Aviation Cadet School in Deblin. Belonged to the group that trained at an accelerated rate – completed the first training on the PWS-26 at the airport in the mud, and the period June-August 1939, the higher a pilot’s course at the airport Ułęż. In September 1939, did not participate in the fighting (and his colleagues initially patrolled the area around the airport), but was evacuated to the east of the country, but then over the border with Romania. After the aggression of the Soviet Union together with other colleagues in the Deblin went to Romania. By Syria, Egypt and Algeria, got on to France.

France Rzyski initially stayed in Lyons, where on March 1, 1940 was sent to a group led by Cpt. Janusz ARASZKIEWICZ added Chateauroux, where he began training fighter airplanes: Romano R.82, Loire Lo-46, Nieuport 62 and Potez 568 These were the types of outdated equipment and training was moving forward very slowly. Conducted several times and planes to other cities. May 20, 1940, that is after the „funny war” and hit the Germans in France, came to Chateauroux key Polish fighter led by Lt. Zdzislaw Henneberg, and two days later to the key that enabled pilots ARASZKIEWICZ – including Rzyskiego. By the end of the French campaign Poles shielded air base and aircraft factories SNCASO (Societe Nationale de Constructions aéronautiques du Sud-Ouest) in Chateauroux, and then divided into two groups, were evacuated to France. Rzyski, who probably had no opportunity to comply with any flight combat, he rode a circular projection (truck) in the second lieutenant. Mieczyslaw Waszkiewicza. Arrived in Bordeaux, June 19 where he embarked on board the Polish ship Kmita. Two days later the ship came in to the coast of Britain.

In England Rzyski to begin operational training for many months waiting, finally hitting to 55 OTU at Usworth. After receiving training on Hurricane fighters on May 1, 1941 received a posting to the English unit – 32 squadronu stationed in Pembrey. He remained there a little over a month since June 7 he was transferred to Fighter Squadron 316 „Warsaw.” October 1 was promoted to second lieutenant, officer, while on November 23, 1941 went to 302 Squadron „Poznanski”, where the following months, he flew at the controls Spitfire v. 26 June 1942 had gone to rest from operational flying, oversaw the distribution aircraft as pilot 1 Flight Delivery in Croydon. February 21, 1943, he returned to the „Poznan”, but on 4 May 1943 due to illness no longer fly and was sent to the station Hutton Cranswick. After recovery, from 15 June 1943, again, was a pilot 302 Squadron. September 24, 1943, after a morning fight with German fighters over France near Amiens, reported the likely shooting down Focke-Wulf FW 190

October 20, 1943, the Rzyski went to 316 Squadron, and on 8 January 1944, the Polish school of pilot initial 25 EFTS in Hucknall (probably on course for instructors). March 8, 1944, the left to 287 squadronu. It was a collaboration with an anti-defense, and pilots assigned to it, usually engaged in pulling the long sleeves links, which is riveting for training anti-aircraft artillery soldiers. After nearly four months of such service on July 2 Rzyski was transferred to 303 Squadron them. Thaddeus Kosciuszko. He flew as a pilot, was later also responsible for training an officer shooting at Northolt station.

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