Air Force

Polish operation in 1939-1945: the campaign in September, the war in France in 1940, the Battle of Britain, the Polish Air Force in the USSR; list airmen, kills and losses, accurate biographies of Polish fighter and bomber pilots.

Stefan Knapp

Stefan Knap came into the world 11 July 1921 in the Lublin Bilgoraj (parents, Anthony and Julia nee grandson). In his hometown, he attended school, and in 1935 he enrolled in a technical college in Lviv. Did not participate in the September campaign as a soldier, and after the Soviet occupation of Lvov is still taught in the same school, though conducted in a completely different way. In March 1940, Knap decided to enter the General Government, and after a few days to return to Soviet-occupied part of the Polish, way back for him ended in his arrest at the border and the closure of the prison in Rawa Ruska. Following the transfer to Lviv Street sat. Kazimierzowska (the so-called. Brygidki).

Then kept in Kherson on the Black Sea where, in August 1940, received a sentence of 5 years in the camps. September 9, 1940, he worked slavishly near Arkhangelsk on the White Sea in the construction of railways and along with other prisoners eliminate the area – liquidating a small hill and flooded the ponds. After the amnesty which is the result of the Sikorski-Maisky, 25 September 1941, he joined the Polish Army in Buzuluk. Has declared his candidacy for aviation, and therefore has been sent by sea to Britain.

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