Air Force

Polish operation in 1939-1945: the campaign in September, the war in France in 1940, the Battle of Britain, the Polish Air Force in the USSR; list airmen, kills and losses, accurate biographies of Polish fighter and bomber pilots.

Mieczysław Stachiewicz

Mieczyslaw Stachiewicz was born on 21 May 1917 in Warsaw (Julian’s father – General of the Polish Army, his mother Maria Jadwiga nee Sawicka). After finishing school, in the years 1927-1931 he attended the Gymnasium. Stefan Batory Foundation in Warsaw. In 1931 he joined the Cadet Corps No. 1 in Lviv. In 1937, there has […]

Tomasz Rzyski

Rzyski Thomas was born on 6 August 1917 in Uralsku in north-eastern Kazakhstan in the family of John and Josepha nee Paszkiewicz. His parents were there in exile since 1914, returned to Polish in 1918 was the father of forestry engineer, he worked as Head of Department of Forest Goods and the Town of Toruń. […]

Mieczysław Adamek

Mieczyslaw Adamek born September 18, 1918 in Tashkent in Russia as the son of Polish exiles. But he grew up in Poland – the country has completed primary school, then attended the School of Industrial Rzemieślniczo-in Przemysl. In 1936, he broke school and joined the NCO School of Aviation for the Young Persons in Bydgoszcz. […]

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