Air Force

Polish operation in 1939-1945: the campaign in September, the war in France in 1940, the Battle of Britain, the Polish Air Force in the USSR; list airmen, kills and losses, accurate biographies of Polish fighter and bomber pilots.

Andrzej Górski

ndrzej Kazimierz Gorski (actually Lewalt-Mountain) was born on 4 March 1921 in Poznan, as the youngest, the sixth child in a family originating from Borderlands-Lewalt Witold Gorski and Mary Rozwadowski home. During the Soviet offensive in 1920, the family fled from Mountain property in Baranovichi and lived in Poznan. Shortly after the birth of the youngest child, the family moved to Bydgoszcz, where he resided for some time.

After several years of his father managed to buy and renovate a house in the family Baranovichi, where the family moved in 1926, Andrew’s father served as president of the Mountain Landowners Association, and his mother as president of the Rural Association was an active activist to raise the general level of the Belarusian village. After completing four classes at the local primary school, a young mountain has been sent by their parents to the State Gymnasium Male to them. Ignacy Paderewski in Poznan. He lived on the stances of a friend of the family, Major. John Lenczowskiego, then deputy commander of a battalion of sappers 7. There, in the intervals between the science with the help of subordinates, Major. Lenczowskiego perfecting the riding skills she acquired in childhood, and even had an opportunity to donate 10 jumps from the tower.

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