Air Force

Polish operation in 1939-1945: the campaign in September, the war in France in 1940, the Battle of Britain, the Polish Air Force in the USSR; list airmen, kills and losses, accurate biographies of Polish fighter and bomber pilots.

About me

This page was created 9 April 2009, the first material located on it was scanned from a newspaper, 4 September 1939 article on Lieutenant. pil. George Palusińskim of the 111 fighter squadron.

Then came more slowly texts and a gallery, but for a very long time I used exclusively with books and magazines. One year after the opening party was deplorable, and the contents of such visits too.

Probably left a all if not for some very warm, encouraging e-mails, which confirmed my belief that it is really worth doing another page of the Polish Air Force in World War II – You only have to try more. During those few years that have elapsed since that moment, a lot has changed – now I use mainly unpublished sources: documents from the Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum and other archives, as well as materials derived directly from living airmen, families and supporters of the dead airmen history Polish Wings.

In this place time should thank all who have provided materials on this website – these people are, however, so many that earmarked for this purpose a separate page

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